Attending Good Shepherd


Worship services include Holy Communion, of which all baptized Christians are welcome to partake.

What To Expect


Our services are easy to follow through a weekly bulletin and the the overhead screen which outlines the order of service. We go to the altar to receive a Holy Communion of bread and wine, representing the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

During the 10:00 am service, the entire family sits together until the pastor invites all children to the front for a blessing. Following this, the children go to their classroom for the Sunday School lesson, returning later in the service. We offer a nursery with a speaker to hear the service where you can supervise your own children.

What To Wear

People at Good Shepherd dress in casual to dressy-casual.  Some wear shorts or jeans with a polo shirt or sweater, some wear dresses or skirts.  Some wear a sport jacket but very few wear a tie!