Children and youth are important to the life of Good Shepherd.  We worship together in a multi-generational community and we also have specific time for children and youth to grow to love God in heart, mind, soul and strength.


Due to low attendance in Sunday School, the Spiritual Growth team and Vestry have been brainstorming how best to provide growth opportunities for our children.  We are moving to a home-based learning model where we will provide families with a monthly packet of Bible readings, discussion questions, and activities to do at home.  Seasonally we will bring the kids together for a party at church to learn about the various church seasons and what it means to us, like we did last fall with our First Communion class.  These parties will be opportunities for our kids to invite their friends to come celebrate and learn about the church season with them.  Look for our kids party coming up in Advent!  Contact the church if your kids or grandkids want a packet to learn Bible stories at home.


In addition, Church of the Good Shepherd offers a nursery with a speaker in which you may supervisor your children.