Search Team News

We are almost six months into our search process which began at the in early February when the search team provided a survey to all parish members.  This information was compiled by the Search Team and the Good Shepherd Profile was placed on the National Episcopal Church employment web-site in mid-March.  Since that time, we have received two applicants and are expecting a third by the end of this month.    Parish members also provided the search team with the names of two priests for us to consider; both were checked with and neither were available to apply for our Rector position.   It is priority of the Search Team to check out any possible names that are given to us by parish members.

Essentially, our search is still in the early stages as we realized from the onset that this would not be quick process.  The search team will remain diligent and patient in listening for God’s spirit and nudging to lead us to the priest that will be the best ‘fit’ for Good Shepherd.  Your continued prayers are so appreciated!!  The Search Team asks for your patience and understanding that we are moving forward in the process, however slowly.  Be assured that the Search Team will respond quickly to all inquiries as we are using a ‘rolling interview process’ with each applicant.  In other words, as candidates apply we start our discernment process immediately and continue with our prescribed process with a candidate until we determine that an individual should continue or not continue as a candidate for Rector.  This decision by the Search Team is based a candidate’s credentials, interviews and references…..and the power of the spirit.

The Search Team is making every effort to remain transparent by keeping the parish informed of our work and progress.   If you would ever have any questions regarding the search process please contact, Steve Albrecht, Search Team chairperson.  We thank you for respecting the confidentially of candidates that absolutely must be maintained by the Search Team.

Posted on August 10, 2016 .