Adult Education


Understanding God’s word is the pathway to understanding God’s plan.

Bible Study

Small study groups that meet monthly to go over a selected portion of the Bible to discuss, better understand and explore the meaning of God’s word.  Groups meet at different times, so there’s always a way to fit study into your busy schedule.

Groups meet once a month and range from 6-12 people each. Study groups are open to all adults – from those who have never opened a Bible, to those who are well versed in its message. Join us today for an open, informative discussion on “the Good Book.”

Locations and times vary.  To find a Bible study that will fit your schedule please contact the church office.

Men's Group (With a Purpose)

Our main purpose is to develop a meaningful and structured men’s group that will serve men, the church and our community.  This will be done in three ways: physically, mentally and spiritually.

  • Physically– Structured and organized projects and events that offer men a chance to have a positive impact on individuals, the church and our community, including outdoor getaways, service projects and more.
  • Mentally– The goal of St. Joseph’s Guild is not to bring men back to church, but to bring the church back to the men.  By bringing men together in an atmosphere of faith, each of us can learn from one another.
  • Spiritually– By providing men the ability to be hands on and mentored by other men, they can get at spiritual truth through real life action.